Electric Wires Cables

Super Performance of Appliances with Wholesale Electric Cable Manufacture

Electrical appliances will never bother about voltage issues when you use cables of Gerten International Group (H.K.) Ltd. The electric flow will be much faster when you use these cables for domestic and industrial purposes. The voltage level will not drop because we use the finest metals in them. Gerten Cables is a China electric cable supplier that can make your electric cable matters go away. Our electric cables will let the current flow at maximum level with the least resistance. This will enable voltage to remain unchanged, and the appliances will have no threats of short-circuit. Also, users will not be prone to electric shocks, which are common with low-standard cables. You can choose Geten Cables as we are a reliable china electric cable exporter. Another thing is the high conductivity of internal cores, which flows current better. Both light and heavy appliances will not get any damage from voltage fluctuation when people use our electric cables.


Cores, Materials, Thickness, and Resistance Level of Our Cables

These electric cables are available in different sizes from 1.5 mm to 10 mm mainly. This enables buyers to choose whichever suits the best. Also, we offer different cores in electric cables like 1,2,3, 5, 4+1, etc. Each core contributes and performs according to its strength. To ensure that strength, we use high-quality materials like copper and aluminum. For wholesale electric cable manufacture, we focus on economies of scale. Besides, the insulation level is foolproof for every kind of usage. This level will provide high-temperature resistance to avoid accidents. Every household, workplace, or any other place needs complete safety. This safety of wirings and appliances is possible via our nylon coating. Likewise, we use THHN (Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant Nylon) and THW (Thermoplastic High Heat-resistant and Water-resistant) mostly. This makes us a valuable wholesale electric cable manufacture for everyone. Also, we use insulating materials like PE, LLDPE, PVC, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LSHF, etc. To prevent the melting and burning of the wiring system, we use flame-retardant material.


Take Advantage of Our Budget-Friendly Prices 

Unbelievably-cheap prices for electric cables are here. Just visit our website and explore the catalog. We are a wholesale electric cable manufacturer with the most reasonable prices. This is a result of our super-size production. You can purchase bulk quantities of electric cables in different sizes and types from us. We will supply at a large scale to enable very cheap prices for you. Even with moderate MOQ, you can avail yourself of discounted prices. This is the benefit of purchasing from us because we are a wholesaler of electric cables. They can reach us to get economical rates because we are a wholesale electric cable manufacturer in the world. Every international buyer wants to buy them in bulk for B2B purposes. 


Choose Gerten Cables to Ensure High Performance and Safety  

Gerten International Group (H.K.) Ltd. is a reliable name behind A1-grade electric cables. This trust became our strength as we have always worked on high-quality assurance. For more than 15 years, we have been serving this industry as a China electric cable supplier. To meet every safety factor for users, we follow all the global standards. These international standards are UL83, BS6004, IEC 60227, and UL1581. We provide OEM services, which is our core competence. To reach a top level of success, we have served over 40 countries. Each client trusts us because of our remarkable service. As a result, we claim to be a top China electric cable exporter. In this whole journey, our talented employees and powerful machines have contributed mainly. Get the most efficient cables and affordable quotations from us.