HV Power Cables

Gerton International Group (H.K) Limited- A Leading High Voltage Cable Manufacturer

Gerton International Group (HK) Limited is the best manufacturer of high voltage wires across the globe. We produce HV power cables by seeking the help of our leading-edge and modernised production facility and a team of experts. You must not be concerned about the quality of our HV power cables as their quality is assessed by our global quality assurance team, which consists of quality assessment experts from across the globe. Our modernised manufacturing facility ensures that we sell the best high voltage cable in the global electricity cable market at reasonable prices for meeting its growing demand in the electricity cable market.

Composition And Supply Of Our Cables

Our HV power cables comprise at least one conductor, one protection jacket, and apt insulation. They can be used for operating conductors with a voltage above 2000 volts. We have equipped our high voltage cable with a conductive shield around every insulator conductor for equalising electrical stress to deal with such a considerable voltage. We assure you that we will supply you with our HV power cables at low costs by getting them shipped to you through our shipping contractor. You must not worry about the delays in receiving high voltage wires from us after ordering them as we meet our deadlines strictly as far as delivering orders is concerned and produce them in an environment-friendly manner without releasing any pollutants in the environment.

Reliable, Premium Quality, And Always Up-To-Date High Voltage Cables

Our premium quality, aluminium-clad high voltage cable is the most reliable and durable. We always keep our cables up to date with the latest technologies, so you can be sure that you're getting a high-quality product. Today, Gerten cables are used to power everything from Cruise ships, military equipment, satellites & cell phones to MRI machines, standard household appliances (TVs), factory automation applications such as flour mills and oil refineries, and automotive parts for high-performance racing engines.

Buy Bulk Quantities At Wholesale Rates With Low Shipping Costs From Us

We offer bulk quantities of our high voltage cable at wholesale rates. Our cables are shipped via ground transport to ensure that you receive your order promptly. Buy as little or as much cable as you need with no minimum orders! We offer a wide selection of premium quality, aluminium-clad high voltage cables. If you can't find the high voltage cable you're looking for, please contact us, and we will be happy to help. We ship worldwide and are happy to assist you with any cable inquiries.  Power supplies selecting a power supply depends on the type of circuit run in your application and how much current will be drawn by devices attached to it. You also need to factor in the available voltage ratings based upon what equipment within your building or vehicle needs this extra power.