HV Power Cables

A Leading High Voltage Cable Manufacturer in China

Gerton International Group (HK) Limited is China's most trusted High Voltage Cable manufacturer. We offer premium quality cables that are designed to withstand extreme voltage. Our quality is the reason that we are highly in demand across the globe. Thus, to ensure the utmost quality standards, we have a team of highly expert individuals who ensure quality assurance at every step. Not only that, but we also make sure to use the finest quality copper in order to manufacture these top-class cables of all time.

Our High Voltage Cables are the backbone of many electrical systems and are used with numerous installations worldwide. At Gerton, we are putting our innovative and technical solutions to work. We aim to provide the industry with efficient cables that are reliable and easy on a budget. We offer our clients the best products by leveraging our expertise, advanced manufacturing facility, and decades of experience. We manufacture to customer specifications and can supply cables for various applications. All these high voltage cables are delivered quickly, and all the products are 100% inspected before packaging and dispatch.


Innovations in High Voltage Cable Technology

Gerten cables are the brand that is the oldest and the most experienced brand among the high-voltage cable suppliers in the world. This is because of the fact that we have the most modern and latest technology-based processing units that are equipped with the latest machinery and modern technology thus, we are able to produce cables that are highly innovative and based on the most premium features that ensure the innovation of these products. 


Standards and Safety

The premium quality assurance and innovation are not the limit since, being the best brand of all time, we offer also ensure the standards and safety of the product and the users. Since these copper wires are well coated in multiple layers of insulators, this ensures the safety of not only the cable, the information traveling through them, and, along with that, the safety of the users. These features make our products the most popular products of all time.