Low Voltage Entrance Cable

Gerten Cables Offer The Lowest Voltage Entrance Cable In The Market

Gerten cables have a low voltage entrance cable perfect for sensitive electronic equipment. Being the leading Wholesale Electrical Cable Wire Manufacturer, we provide the lowest possible voltage cables and keeps your electronics safe from damage caused by high voltage currents. The Entrance cables typically offer to have a voltage of around 115 volts. The other common cables are 120V. However, we also make 115 VA cables. These cables with lower voltage potential significantly reduce electrical noise that may adversely affect your electronics and give you better signal transfer capability between electronic devices such as radio transmitting equipment or amplifiers. The Gerten entrance cables are available in various lengths and colours to suit your specific needs.

Our Entrance Cable Is Designed To Meet The Latest Safety And Security Standards

All Gerten entrance cables are equipped with a ground wire, ensuring proper grounding of your electronic equipment when connected. We are verified and compliant with EIA/TIA-455 standard for safe cable installation in electrical systems, making us an eminent LV Cable Exporter. Our entrance cables are flame resistant and are rated according to NFPA-250 standard for use in explosive areas. If you need a low voltage entrance cable for your sensitive electronics, we would be more than happy to help. Gerten's double-shielded entry cable is available in various lengths and colours to suit your needs. Our entrance cables feature two different insulation materials, making the metal jackets virtually indestructible: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Metallized Ethylene Copolymer (MEC). The metals used for our cables are THHN, mylar-clad steel wire composed of 99.99% pure silver and a burnt copper core, generally resistant to almost all chemicals, including water, saltwater and petroleum products.