LV Power Cables

Gerton International Group (H.K) Limited- A Leading Lower Voltage Cable Manufacturer

We are one of the best manufacturers of voltage cables across the globe. With the help of our cutting-edge and advanced manufacturing facility and team of experts, we produce modern electricity cables. You should not be concerned about the quality of our voltage cables as their quality is monitored by our international quality assurance team, which consists of quality assurance experts from across the globe. Our practical and modernised manufacturing facility ensures that we sell the best Low Voltage Cable in the global market for voltage cables at reasonable prices for meeting its highly rising demand in the competitive market

What Makes Our Low Voltage Cable Made Up And How It Is Tested?

We use high-quality inflammable insulating material to make our Low Voltage Cable. The properties of that insulating material include loss of low conduction because of high insulating resistance, a high level of dielectric strength for ensuring that the cable does not collapse, and brilliant mechanical strength for withstanding industrial line handling. We test our entire range of lower voltage cables to make sure they function well to meet the needs of our customers so that they do not need to face cable failures. In that test, we assess the direct current resistance of aluminium or copper conductors to make our lower voltage cables. 

What Is Our Low Voltage Cable Made Up Of, And How It Can Be Used?

Our high voltage electricity cable comprises at least one conductor, a protection jacket, and apt insulation. It can be used to operate conductors with a voltage beyond 2000 volts. To deal with such a huge voltage, we have equipped our Low Voltage Cable with a conductive shield around every insulator conductor to equalise electrical stress.

How Do We Maintain And Supply Our Low Voltage Cable?

We do not take high voltage lightly. Therefore, we routinely check our high voltage electricity cables even after supplying them to ensure that you do not lose your money in unnecessary expenses of dealing with unnecessary power outages. We assure you that we will supply you with our lower voltage cables at low costs by getting them shipped to you through our shipping contractor. You do not need to worry about the value of your money while ordering our high voltage electricity cables as by purchasing them, you are investing.