LV Power Cables

Lower Voltage Power Cables for Your Electrical Needs

Gerten International Group (H.K.) Ltd. is making the electrical matters go away with its A1-grade cables. Buyers who want a stable current flow can use our lower voltage cable. Our cables have a smooth flow of current and data transmission. Once you use these cables, you will get energy-efficient results. We use high-quality copper and aluminum in production. Buyers can get single and multiple cores in our lower voltage cable. To illustrate, we have one core, two cores, three cores, 3.5 cores, four cores, etc. These cables have high-temperature resistance against any electric shock. They can bear general wear and tear quickly.


We Have the Finest Coating with Different Layers 

In our production, we use layers of PVC, XLPE, PE, etc. This coating provides a high level of insulation against the melting and burning of cables. Also, it provides a better flow of current. Both inner and outer coatings have different levels of insulation. Likewise, our cables have thicker bedding and armoring for user safety. This production uses dense rubber filling for better cushioning between metallic wires. Users can use them for sound, surveillance, lighting, household appliances, etc.


Avail of Factory Rates for Lower Voltage Cables from Gerten Cables

Gerten Cables is famous for bulk selling of low voltage cables. We can supply them at economical rates to every buyer. This large production helps us meet the minimum as well as maximum order requirements of buyers. That means we can fulfill high as well as low MOQs of orders. This makes us a wholesale lv cable manufacturer worldwide. You can reach us through our website to get discounts and cut rates. These reasonable rates are affordable for all buyers in terms of large-size purchasing. Every buyer needs affordable cables for the right combination in electrical appliances. We can sell those affordable low-voltage cables to every buyer.


Why Do Buyers Choose Gerten Cables?

Gerten Cables have over 15 years of experience in this industry. We have qualified for production with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, CE, and IEC certifications. Moreover, we follow international standards like CSA C22.2, BS 5467, ICEA S-95-658, IEC 60502-1, AS-NZS 5000.1, NFC 33-210 /NFC 32-322, etc. As a lower voltage cable manufacturer, we offer OEM services to buyers. So far, we have served over 40 countries. Our engineers continuously work on product development for a better user experience.