Special Cables

Get High-Quality Special Electric Cables From The Leading Brand Of The World!

Our cables come with both high quality and performance! The products must pass stringent tests and quality checks before being shipped to the customer. We ask our customers for extra-thorough inspection to ensure that only high-tech cables arrive safely at their destination. We guarantee you will be happy with the quality and performance of our Power Cables! All of our products are made in China by us. Qualified UL Listed components ensure that their high-quality cables have safe wiring related standards intact! In addition, two decades' experience as an internationally well-known manufacturer ensures you get only premium quality from us!

Gerten Cables Have The Electric Cables You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Technology!

In addition, our cables are also backed by a Lifetime Warranty! We believe in our products; therefore, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of the cables shipped by us. So, what are you waiting for? Get the electric cables that will give your technology the power to succeed! Looking for the perfect electric cables? Look no further than our shop! We have trusted brands like UL, TUV and CE that will give your devices the power they need to succeed. Our cables are made with high-quality components to be sure that you're getting something of great value.

Characteristics Of Our Special Electric Cables

UL Listed cable to ensure that the products have safe wiring standards intact per UL1654. This means the cable is designed with a conductor sheath material that possesses resistance at 5,000 volts or greater and meets all other requirements of Section 400 if intended for use in circuits rated as 200 volts or more. TUV approved ensures there are no lacking guaranteed high-quality Aluminum Service Cables! In addition, two decades' experience as an internationally well-known manufacturer ensures you get only premium quality from us! CE Certified cable guarantees that it upholds the standards of CE marking. 1 Lifetime Warranty on all products shipped by us means that if there is an issue with your product, we will repair or replace it as long as there is available stock of the cable in our warehouse.

We Deliver Bulk Quantities Of Electric Cables At Wholesale Rates

We realise that not everyone needs the same electric cable, so we offer bulk quantities of our select electric cables. If you are looking for a large quantity of electric cable, we will be more than happy to work out a deal with you that best suits your needs. we will allow your account to have its needed bulk quantity shipped at wholesale rates so that when you receive our products, they do not get in your way!