• Outdoor Stranded Loose Tube Armored Gyts Fiber Cable

Outdoor Stranded Loose Tube Armored Gyts Fiber Cable


Outdoor Stranded Loose Tube Armored Gyts Fiber Cable

Product Description

Features of our Gyts fiber cable:

1.Good secondary excess length.

2.Good mechanical and temperature performance.

3.Specially designed compact structure is good at preventing loose tubes from shrinking.

4.Corrugated steel tape armored and PE outer sheath providing property crush resistance and gun shot resistance features.

5.Crush resistance and flexibility.
6.PE sheath protects cable from ultraviolet radiation.




The corrugated steel tape armored GYTS Fiber Optic cables are suitable for installation in aerial or duct environment for long haul communication, LAN. 



Optical fiber type and properties:

Item Unit Specification
Mode field diameter 1310nm μm 9.2 ± 0.4
1515nm μm 10.4 ± 0.8
Cladding diameter μm 125.0 ± 1
Cladding non-circularity % ≤1.0
Core/cladding concentricity error μm ≤0.5
Coating diameter μm 242 ± 7
Coating/cladding concentricity error μm ≤12
Cable cut-off wavelength nm ≤1260
Attenuation Coeffcient 1310nm dB/km ≤0.36
  1550nm dB/km 0.22
Proof stress level kpsi ≥100

 Other parameters meet standard ITU-T G.652



Cable performance: 

Item Parameters
Loose tube Material PBT
Color Full color spectrum
Filler Material PE
Color Black
Outer sheath material HDPE
Color Black
CSM Material Phosphating steel wire
Armoured Material Corrugated steel belt
Min. Bending radius Static 10.0 times cable diameter
Dynamic 20 times cable diameter



Short term 1500N-3000N
Crush Short term 1000N/100mm



 Environmental performance:

Item Standard Parameters
Operation temperature IEC 60794-1-2 F1 -20℃~+60℃



Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
A: We are cable manufacturer with 15 years production experience and more than 10 years export experience.

Q2: I do not know how to choose what I need. / I have not found the cable type and size I need on this page.
A: Please do not worry. Contact us and send us your requirements, we will help you to choose correct cable you need. If you have below information is better: Cable voltage, conductor material, Insulation and Outer sheath material, armor type. Otherwise you can provide us the cable installation environment, application requirements, etc.


Q3: What’s your MOQ?/ How long is your delivery time?
A: MOQ & Delivery time both according to different product, product size, production construction. Welcome to contact us for further communication. Anyway, we will try our best to support you!

Looking forward to cooperating with you.